Koumara Nadi Reading

Madras. The old man was the custodian of the Koumara Nadi leaves, on which were written, hundreds of years ago in archaic Tamil, astrological predictions of people who might possibly consult them. The Nadi reader, after checking his index stack with U.G.'s natal horoscope, went inside his office and slowly brought a stack of leaves. Then he turned to the appropriate leaf referred to in the index and started reading the leaves in a sing-song fashion.

He took two blank sheets of paper and began copying the Tamil verses from the leaves. The process was ridiculously slow as he had to strain his eyes to read the faint writings on the old and soiled leaves. After an hour, the Nadi astrologer started translating and explaining the Nadi reading to the audience. Here is the English version of what he copied from the original text in Tamil:

1. Sage Agasthya is narrating the special chapter of the Native and the planetary positions in his chart. (The positions tallied with the ones supplied by us to the astrologer.) Ascendent in Gemini with Sun and Jupiter. Mars in Virgo and Rahu in Scorpio. Venus and Ketu in Taurus. The Native is named after the cowherd, Lord Krishna.

2. His mother's name is that of Brahma's consort (Bharati) and his father's name is Rama, one of the Avataras (incarnations) of Lord Vishnu. No matter which aspect is consulted, money, family, enlightenment, or any other, only a description of his spiritual life shows up here. During his early years, the Native's practice of religious disciplines and his own experiments with Truth help him in his spiritual growth.

3. In his twenties, he associates himself with the learned. His achievements reach greater heights after 35. His knowledge of the body and the mind is refreshingly original. He will also be an authority on divine wisdom. His great experiments with living Truth pave the path to the ultimate state.

4. Opportunities of association with the learned continue. In his fifties, his expounding of Truth starts spreading wider and wider. He conveys to others his understanding of the living Truth.

5. Pain and misery do not touch him. His stature is destined to grow in his seventies when the awakened state expresses itself more poignantly than ever before. He has the light of wisdom. In his eighties, his efforts to reach his goal are fulfilled.

6. His present deportment awakens refreshing feelings in those who come to him. He achieves the exalted siddhis. Then he receives divine grace and merges in the One.

The Nadi, visibly awed by the rare reading, started gazing at the seemingly ordinary man seated opposite him and slowly said, 'Never have I come across such a remarkable reading in all my life. Normally, not more than four verses are written in the leaves for anybody consulting the Nadi. Strangely, in this case, six verses are written. It is extraordinary.' [December 5, 1991]

Agasthiar Nadi Reading

Salem. Sri Agasthir Nadi Jothisha Nilayam is a branch of the main Agasthiar Nadi of Vaitheeswaran Koil near Chidambaram. The unique feature of this particular Nadi, unlike the other Nadis which require the natal chart as input, is that it bases the predictions on just the thumb impression of the individual concerned.

Depending on the category to which the thumb belongs, the astrologer picks three or four volumes out of his thousands of volumes of palm leaves. He then keeps turning the leaves of the stacks, reading one or two details from each leaf and checking their veracity with the person concerned, resorting to the process of elimination. At last, he picked the leaf which corresponded to U.G.'s natal chart and gave a sketchy outline of his life events.

Then, the disciple of the Sage intervened and asked, 'Why are you narrating only the brighter aspects of the Native's chart, leaving aside the darker ones? The second place from the Ascendant is occupied by Saturn and is in conjunction with the Moon and Mercury. There cannot be any contentment or happiness for such a person in this life. Money, though plenty, will go in wasted pursuits. His children do not understand his position, and though the whole world applauds his attainments, they remain critical. He will have problematic relationships and no peace of mind. These are a few of the negative aspects of the chart. Pray tell me why you are extolling only the brighter parts of the chart.'

Sage Agasthiar replied to his disciple, 'I am very well aware of the weaker side you described just now. It is due to human frailty and is typical of such a chart.' The Sage then further continued with his observations, 'The Native consults this Nadi in his 75th year. Ever since the death of his wife, he is bereft of his family, his children having settled separately.

'He lives off of assured income he gets from his investments. Though very learned and accomplished in the field of education, the Native never accepts any job for his livelihood, his full-time job being "lokasangraha" (the welfare of the world community). People from all over the world, from all walks of life, come to him to learn the living truths of life. People write of him for their own self-satisfaction and gratification, whereas the Native is not bothered and remains utterly indifferent.

'Divine grace permeates him. The corners of his eyes caress the grief-stricken people gathered around him. Blushing honors are showered as he attains an unparalleled position in the world and shines as an embodiment of rare truths. He carries the supreme benediction of great sages and abides in the inexplicable, indescribable state never before attained by anybody in the history of the world. But his efficiency and intelligence are best exhibited in pushing others not to accept him.

'Great fame and name follow him along with riches. He continues to voice his new-found truths with renewed courage and conviction, keeping the world's wisest intellectuals spellbound. Endless and everlasting fame is earned as a Jnani through the works, books and writings.' [June 18, 1992]

Eswara Nadi Reading

Salem. The astrologer, Mr. Subbeseshan, was studying U.G.'s birth chart. Intermittently, he threw suspicious glances out of the corners of his eyes at us. He looked to be in his fifties and claimed to know quite a few Indian languages, like Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, etc., as well as Tamil and English.

After some time he took out a bundle of old palm leaves, opened the bundle at random, and started reading the Tamil text written on the leaves. In between he would pause, take a pinch of snuff into his nostrils, and observe the faces of his august audience. None of us was able to follow what he was reading and on his part, he was throwing silly glances at us implying that we should be able to understand whatever he was reading. Our requests to explain the text yielded no response.

Annoyed at the attitude of the astrologer, Major snarled at him, saying, 'Why don't you translate the reading and explain it to us when you know both English and Telugu?' U.G. butted in and snubbed Major's impatience, which further infuriated him, and he got up and walked out of the room as the astrologer continued.

The reading, which the seemingly crazy-looking astrologer gave on that day was, to quote U.G. himself, 'something amazing and astounding'. The entire reading was in a dialogue form between Shiva and Parvati, his consort. They discuss the chart of the Native.

Shiva traces the descent of U.G.'s mother's ancestors and says her gotram (which refers to the genealogy of ancestral sages) is opposed to that of Sage Bharadwaja. 'Native's second place in the chart is occupied by Mercury, the Lord of this day (Wednesday) and is in conjunction with Moon and Saturn. He keeps travelling around the globe despite his strong conviction that the world is an illusion.'

At this state, Shiva shifts his focus onto those sitting around U.G. and makes uncanny references to those present. At this, U.G. couldn't contain his admiration for the astrologer and started showering praises on him. Visibly flattered by the compliments rained on him, the astrologer started stuffing his nostrils with snuff in great delight. He then continued the reading.

Shiva tells Parvati, 'The Native comes to consult this Nadi today, the Bhishma Ekadasi day. Whatever has to be given, I gave him already. I blessed him with total enlightenment (Poorna Jnana) and cast his life in a different mould in his 50th year. As written in my (Isavasya) Upanishad, I removed from him the shining golden lid shielding the brilliance of the Self (Sun). I took the shining lamp out of the pot and placed it on the top of the hill! What business has he got here? What more can I say except chanting the mantra, "That is full. This is full." Fullness is said to be got through fullness and derived from fullness, and fullness alone remains.'

After reading this, the astrologer put his book down and looked intently at U.G. By then he was more than certain that the odd-looking assortment of customers sitting before him that afternoon were not of the ordinary type. He looked at both U.G. and Bramachariji, shifting his glances. For a change, his demeanor became reverential. He humbly requested with folded hands, 'Please reveal your identities and let me know who you really are.'

Shiva concludes saying, 'The Native's teaching is a great benediction to the entire creation, animate and inanimate, to the trees, birds, animals, mammals—right from the frog under the rock to the embryo inside the womb.' He then sets off to Chidambaram with his spouse, Parvati. [February 3, 1993]

Palm Readings

Mr. Chaidambarayya is one of the best astro-palmists in India. When our engineer friend, Chandrasekhar, ushered him into Poorna Kutee on the Mahashivaratri Day, February 26, 1987, we all felt amusement walking into the house.

U.G., as usual, was ready to stretch out his right hand to the new astrologer. The astro-palmist studied the lines on U.G.'s palm calmly for about five minutes. We were astounded when he said quietly, "Your date of birth should be July 9, 1918." Dead accurate!" Too precise to believe! But again that is what he is famous for. Famous for telling the date of birth and accurately casting the natal horoscope by just looking at the obscure lines on hands and forearms.

Mr. Chaidambarayya, we were told, was hard of hearing. He could hardly hear the exclamations of awe from the listeners, so he went on with his predictions.

"Your number is 'NINE' which is mystical. He is presided over by the elephant God, Ganapati. You are blessed with all riches and you are totally selfless. You help everybody who comes in your path, regardless of the blame that you often receive in return—particularly from the fair sex. So watch out! The could exploit you and many may turn against you."

"You are given to wide travels, wandering all over the world. You never stay in the place of your birth."

The palmist continued: "You remain totally free; depending on no one; and live the full lifespan of ninety-one years. No serious illnesses, accidents or hospitalizations are indicated. You will never be bed-ridden. You are blessed with the power to shed the mortal coils at will. You will have no such thing as a 'fall' in your entire life and you only soar higher and higher."

"You treat everybody alike. Though living in the midst of multitudes, you remain severely alone. You live your normal married life and yet maintain the 'celibacy' gifted by the gods."

Then the palmist, Mr. Chidambarayya looked intently into U.G.'s palm and remarked: "Something seems to be bothering you very much. Some deep concern for something...of a very important nature...."

As he was saying these words, Valentine walked into the room with the help of her attendants and sat on the cot next to U.G. I requested the astro-palmist to look into her palm. To the utter amazement of everybody present, Chidambarayya rattled off Valentine's correct date of birth in a couple of minutes. "It must be 1st of August, 1901—it can't be 1902 or 1900," he said with an air of authority.

We were stunned. Then he continued, "She's a great genius... and may suffer from physical cramps, but nothing disturbs her state of mind."

He turned to U.G. and said, "Just a while ago I said something seems to be bothering you. It is now crystal clear that this lady is the cause of your concern." And then he added, "Her responsibility is squarely on your head. No matter where you go, Australia or America. It is beyond me how you will be able to carry this burden. You live only for others, and not for yourself. But you never flaunt your selflessness."

* * *

Hello U.G.!

I went to the palm reader and she came up with this. She knew nothing of you at all.

She said that you have lived two lives. Your life line is long, you might get 90 years old, lots of traveling until old age.

Not a lot of money, but always enough to do what you like.

She said, "He keeps himself very young inside, the hands are like one who is 50.

Long head line, lots of clarity and sharpness, until he dies. Has very strong nerves and heart line.

He is a healer, the fate line comes out of the moon lines, can see into the future. Is not capable of being a merchant.

Early childhood very difficult, lots of empty spaces, early shocks, emotional, pushed around.

Lots of temperament, very passionate, and maybe choleric in young age. Enjoying life.

Head and heart in harmony.

Has a poisonous line, maybe some poison in the body or in himself, being poisonous from youth.

Can lead people, is a big authority, has lots of power. Is very arrogant, very convinced about himself, could be a big artist, almost no sensitivity, has hardly any feeling lines, not easy to hurt.

Endless past lives.

He became hard and cynical, always had to fight hard. Only one woman in life is important, started around 40. Middle of life he was totally finished with something and started a totally new life.

Now is the same, finishing again with something and starting new, this is the last change of his life.

Has lots of luck and is protected. Full of contradictions and at the same time in great harmony. He is dangerous for people, can manipulate them. Very potent.

Very down to earth like an old oak tree, almost like an animal. Has fought stubbornly against all the storms of life. Is a bit bitter inside because people are so stupid. Does he see humans as incomplete animals?

You have to be strong next to him, otherwise he will destroy you. Huge energy from birth on. Like a medicine man, who is a Sage. Looks down on people. (She said to ask you, why are you looking down on weak people?) He is lucky to be strong. He is a very strong guy. Can be very funny and is like a child."

Anyway, she is a very simple Bavarian housewife that has very little idea of Indians or calamity or anything. She was quite puzzled by the reading.

With lots of non-existing hearts and feelings,
Munchen den 14.02.92